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Dance Hammock

Aerial hammock, also known as aerial sling, is another captivating discipline in the world of aerial arts. Similar to aerial silks, it involves acrobatic movements and poses using a fabric apparatus. However, unlike silks, which consist of two separate hanging fabrics, aerial hammock features a single piece of fabric that is slung into a loop or hammock shape.


One of the advantages of aerial hammock is that it offers a slightly different experience compared to other aerial disciplines. The fabric loop provides a unique point of support and allows for a variety of movements that can be both fluid and dynamic. It offers opportunities for wraps, spins, drops, and inversions, creating a graceful and mesmerizing movement.


Like aerial silks, aerial hammock provides a full-body workout. It requires strength, flexibility, and coordination to execute various poses and transitions, which here at Aerial Dreaming Circus School we teach through our variety of classes to improve core strength, upper body strength, and overall muscular endurance.


Aerial hammock also offers mental and emotional benefits. As individuals challenge themselves to learn new moves and explore their creativity.


As all our classes at Aerial Dreaming, Aerial hammock classes also fosters a supportive community.


Regardless if you already process the strength or you are a complete beginner we have the perfect class for you. 

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