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What is the best thing to wear to aerials ??

We strongly encourage:


- Tights that go past the knees.

- Crops are great, but can also lead to the skin touching the apparatus causing sometimes friction burn, to avoid this a fitted top that can be tucked in or a Leo is also a great option.

- If you get hot, you can choose to wear dance tights with bummies over the top.

- Please make sure you have a crop under your shirt, and wear underwear as well. 

- Also make sure you wear deodorant as it is hot in the shed and we sweat a lot. Odur can stay around along time in here and it isn't pleasant

- WATER BOTTLES ... bring them. We have water most of the time to purchase. This is $1.50 per bottle. You can see a coach for this. We do have a water machine in the shed with town water in it cold as well so you can refill as needed. 

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