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Our Team

Our Dream Team is a bunch of dreamers who are creative and LOVE to play .. Our goal is to make you feel very welcome and safe and to teach you AMAZING technique. 

We have the belief that 'From little dreams, BIG dreams grow'  and we are here to help you along your journey !!


Aerial Dreaming Circus School will start Term 3 in our beatiful new space with 9 points and of coarse our very amazing and skilled coaches. We offer Silks / Tissu, Hoop / Lyra, Dance Hammock and Dance / Static Trapeze. 

We specialise in teaching strong technical base and work on creating good artist flow. 

Offering classes from 3 years up and we also offer private and group sessions. 

All Abilities are welcome and we have a strong track record of teaching people who have social and physical challenges and the right skills to break out of the boundaries that are often set.

If you have the passion YOU CAN BECOME AN AERIALIST .. 

It is our mission to create a safe, welcoming and all inclusive space where you can explore and express yourself  through circus arts. We believe that ANYONE can be an aerialist and that love and encouragement and commitment is what is needed to get you there and we are here to help that happen.
" From little dreams, BIG dreams grow " 

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