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Mixed Classes 

At Aerial Dreaming mixed apparatus aerial classes are a great way to start for several reasons. Firstly, these classes offer a diverse range of apparatuses, such as aerial hoop, silks, and hammock, allowing beginners to explore different disciplines and find what resonates with them the most. This exposure to various apparatuses helps beginners discover their preferences and interests, also strengths and weekness's enabling them to make informed choices regarding their aerial training.


Secondly, mixed apparatus aerial classes provide a well-rounded and comprehensive introduction to the world of aerial arts. By learning multiple apparatuses, beginners develop a broader skill set and gain a deeper understanding of the core principles that begin to embed aerial techniques. This multidisciplinary approach fosters versatility and adaptability, which are crucial qualities for any aspiring aerialist.


Furthermore, mixed apparatus classes promote creativity and innovation. By exploring different apparatuses, beginners are encouraged to think outside the box and experiment with new movements and transitions. This freedom to explore and play facilitates artistic expression and helps beginners develop their unique style and voice in the aerial arts.


Another advantage of mixed apparatus aerial classes is the opportunity for cross-training. Each apparatus targets different muscle groups and emphasizes distinct physical attributes, such as strength, flexibility, and coordination. By engaging in cross-training, beginners can develop a well-rounded physique and enhance their overall aerial performance. This holistic approach to training also reduces the risk of overuse injuries by providing rest and recovery periods for specific muscle groups.


Mixed apparatus classes foster a supportive and inclusive community. As beginners train, they become part of a diverse group of individuals who share a passion for aerial arts. This sense of belonging and camaraderie creates a nurturing environment where beginners can thrive.

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